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Qubit9 is building a new, distributed, virtual Cloud platform. Our first offering will be Cloud storage, later followed by Cloud compute and networking through our distributed network of nodes which are provided by a variety of suppliers. Demand for Cloud services is increasing exponentially: here you become part of the new global system driven by decentralized technologies disrupting the mainstream Cloud space.

Our founders are serial entrepreneurs and were extremely successful with previous companies. This is providing the company highly stable financing. We are strategically and financially independent from investors, we’re entering a booming market, we’re passionate and 100% committed to success.

Join our team of rockstar entrepreneurial-minded engineers driving innovation, especially when established technologies face scaling challenges. In an all english-speaking environment, we are researching and learning new solutions daily, pushing the boundaries of distributed technologies. Become part of something bigger: Qubit9 is aiming to create a European technology counterweight to the current dominance of the tech-giants. Finally, we are proudly part of a global movement to improve the efficiency of existing infrastructure and build a smart, diverse and sustainable business. Come reinvent the internet with Qubit9!

We invented the position of General Management & Entrepreneurship intern (m/f/d) - based on a growing number of talented, bright applicants with prestigious backgrounds in finance, consulting, and startups.

Often they currently pursue their Master’s at a renowned university and seek practical experience. Contrary to a traditional company, we are offering the chance to sit next to some of the most successful serial entrepreneurs in Germany and to switch into a fast-growing blockchain and cloud TechStartup. Here, you might find the founders building your desk on the day you arrive - but also hyper-growth and work challenges that are different every few months in every way.

Your ultimate goal is to solve problems for the company and to find/create your position within our fast-growing environment.

We personally know several top-level people that have started this way, then went on to start their own businesses or take on leadership roles at Goodgame Studios, Airbnb, or elsewhere. Ready to dive into the deep end?

What you will do

  • Solve problems! Chat to the founders daily, identify bottlenecks in the current processes, find topics you feel strongly about, take ownership, and improve them. Examples:
  • Care about Strategy? Help us deepen our go-to-market strategy or find early adopter business clients.
  • Good with legal stuff? Identify regulatory implications and chat to our law-firm about our best way forward.
  • Math-genius? Read whitepapers of other projects or create a model of how we best distribute cryptocurrency to achieve a desired behavior.
  • Formulate strategies, oversee operations, procure materials and resources, and secure compliance.

What you bring to the table

  • You are smarter than the average, a team player, and have an entrepreneurial mindset. You are a hands-on problem solver.
  • Great English communication style, both written and verbal
  • Research, analytical mindset - you want to understand why things work a certain way and you are not afraid to put in the extra effort to get to the bottom of a problem.
  • Strong desire to evolve your career in a tech-environment at the edge of blockchain and cloud technology.
  • Digital native. Even if you don’t have programming experience, you are a techie at heart and love to learn new technologies. Ideally, you worked in an engineering environment before.
  • Willingness to learn entirely new knowledge areas, even to champion them and become the go-to-person within the team for this topic.
  • At least a BA/BSc degree in Business, Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics.
  • Prior relevant work experience, i.e. in consulting, tech-startups, or other fast-paced, innovative environments.


  • Being with the company from the very beginning.
  • Power to influence the company’s culture and the opportunity to bring your own ideas.
  • Working together with top talents to become the next big thing in cloud computing and blockchain.
  • Experience truly fast growth - work with us on the journey to become THE next impactful player in the blockchain industry.
  • In our office, you find motivating colleagues, healthy brain foods (such as a variety of berries, nuts, yogurt, or avocados), good coffee, and no bad stuff.
  • Flat hierarchy where all colleagues together work on the same mission.

1. Please submit your LinkedIn Profile or CV together with the application form

2. After checking your application, we invite candidates fitting our requirements to a first screening during which we will also tell you about us.

3. We will then initiate further interviews to get a better picture of you and your skills while striving for a fast and lean process.

4. Very soon you might get an offer call, a written offer letter, and one signature later you join the team.

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