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About Timeswap:

Timeswap Labs is building the first fully decentralized money market protocol within the DeFi ecosystem. We are solving one of the hardest problems in DeFi building trustless & permissionless money markets without using any external Oracle.
Timeswap uses a proprietary AMM for price discovery of interest rates & collateralization ratio without using an external Oracle. Timeswap enables debt financing for long-tail assets just like Uniswap enabled equity financing for long-tail assets. Timeswap is backed by founders of a multi-billion-dollar crypto protocol, top-tier VC funds from Silicon Valley & Singapore, and prominent Angel Investors in the web 3.0 ecosystem.

*Role: Intern - Smart Contract Developer *

We are hiring an Intern- Smart Contract Developer who has knowledge in developing and deploying smart contracts on Ethereum mainnet and other EVM compatible blockchains. The developer will work closely with our Founder and other smart contract engineers in the team.

Must Have:

• Experience in developing and deploying smart contracts using Solidity
• Working knowledge of any of the following: Hardhat, Truffle, Ganache, OpenZeppelin, SubGraph, Alchemy, web3js, ethersjs, Typescript, NodeJS

Good to have:

• Basic understanding of DeFi applications
• Familiarity in writing unit-based tests for smart contracts


• Max 1 year full time work ex; prefer 3rd / 4th year engg students
• Preference for Comp Sci students
• Even if you don’t meet the above criteria and are an engg student, feel free to apply if you meet the “must have” criteria

How to Apply:

• Share your CV to with previous code references (GitHub)
• Briefly describe your prior experience and how that will help in the aforementioned role

You can check out more info at Timeswap Labs and join our Discord and Twitter to meet the team.

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